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Video player should allow playback at multiple speeds
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When playing back video on Wikimedia sites it would be helpful to playback content, particularly video, at different speeds. For instance, it might be helpful to slow down the video content to .5x (half) the default playback speed to capture fast moving action. For a "talking head" video where the watcher would like to save time, perhaps a 2x (double) speed playback would make consuming the information take less time.
Another potential scenario is during moderation of content, reviewers could reduce the amount of time it takes to review video content by playing videos back at a higher rate of speed (perhaps even 3x or higher).

Steps to Reproduce
Attempt to playback a video on any Wikimedia site. Commons is an obvious good choice for video content.

Actual Results
The current video player does not provide any speed setting other than the default 1x setting.

Desired Results
The video player would provide speed playback settings with a range both below and above the default playback setting.

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This could be implemented using the playbackRate property of the HTML5 video or audio element.

Note this is not yet implemented upstream in ogv.js (needed for Safari/IE/Edge WebM playback via the JS shim); feature req is on the books:

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Sidenote: This was briefly a proposed wishlist item, but the author had more than 3 wishes so retracted this one.

Note that playbackRate support was recently contributed to ogv.js, so can be used when I finish packaging the new release. Shouldn't be hard to enable the rate control in the new video.js player...

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This can be implemented with videoJS, however it adds an extra control to the controller, so maybe only in certain modes, or when we have a menu to group certain controls ?

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Change 871300 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lectrician1; author: Lectrician1):

[mediawiki/extensions/TimedMediaHandler@master] Add playback speed selector to video player