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Implement support for Autofill Framework in Android 8.0
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The autofill framework is not supported on the Wikipedia Android app, preventing simple log-in to the app through a password manager. Dev documentation is available at

What should happen

Android Autofill on the Twitter app (using Enpass).png (1×1 px, 546 KB)

(An example using the Twitter app. I personally use Enpass; however, all of the major password managers support the framework.)

What actually happens

Wikipedia Android app log in screen.png (1×960 px, 696 KB)

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Dbrant renamed this task from Autofill not working when logging in on Android app to Implement support for Autofill Framework in Android 8.0.Aug 29 2017, 1:52 PM

AFAICT this is working without any modification on my Android 8 devices. After logging in, the system asks if I want to save my credentials into Autofill.
Can you check again with the latest version of the app?

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