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Community Liaison support for Cloud services rebranding task
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Time-tracking task, for my support on T168480: Perform core Cloud Services rebranding.

Event Timeline

Most of the high-visibility pages at Metawiki, Mediawikiwiki, and Enwiki have now been updated.
Next steps:

  • Final thorough search through those wikis,
  • Search beyond those wikis to find any instances that I can easily fix, or make a list for local editors to potentially fix.
  • Take another look through wikitechwiki
  • Determine whether to rename [any/all] relevant and open phab tasks.

Can this be moved to either this month, or next quarter? Thanks.

Quiddity added a subscriber: bd808.

The Commons "category renaming discussion" is still open, and might take awhile to resolve.

We can look into renaming any/all of the file-names, some other time.

Everything else is complete, or being slowly corrected as each old name is discovered.

Resolving this task.