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Request for additional edit permissions on for dr0ptp4kt
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This is a request for dr0ptp4kt on to be able to edit and its like. Based on some chat with @Quiddity it looks like content-admin would be needed for this (cf. T165939: Wikitech rights for Quiddity).

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What kind of edits would you like to make?

The edit to the page after that one doesn't make a lot of sense...

Yeah, the line should probably say:

If that doesn't work, you might try using <code>ssh -o FingerprintHash=md5</code> and comparing the MD5 checksum against the fingerprints on subpages here (or the MD5 fingerprint derived when attempting to SSH from the bastion host to the target host with the same -o flag), or try the following Python code.
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@dr0ptp4kt please fix all of the docs everywhere. :)