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Import Croatia in Croatian into the monuments database
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  • project : This is most likely Wikipedia ('wikipedia')
  • lang : hr
  • headerTemplate : Spomenik zaglavlje
  • rowTemplate : Spomenik red
  • commonsTemplate : ?? The template here at Commons to track images ('Rijksmonument'). You can leave this empty
  • commonsTrackerCategory : ?? The category added by the previous template ('Rijksmonumenten with known IDs'). You can leave this empty
  • commonsCategoryBase : ?? The base of the category tree at Commons ('Rijksmonumenten'). You can leave this empty.
  • autoGeocode : False
  • unusedImagesPage : ?? Page on Wikipedia where to report unused images ('Wikipedia:Wikiproject/Erfgoed/Nederlandse Erfgoed Inventarisatie/Ongebruikte foto\'s'). You can leave this empty.
  • imagesWithoutIdPage : ?? Page with a list of images without an identifier template at Commons ('Wikipedia:Wikiproject/Erfgoed/Nederlandse Erfgoed Inventarisatie/Foto\'s zonder id'). You can leave this empty.
  • namespaces : ?? Namespaces to work on at Wikipedia ([0]).
  • table : monuments_hr_(hr)
  • truncate : To empty out the table on update (False). You need this if you don't have strong identifiers.
  • primkey : kod
  • fields : All the fields the bot can find
    • source : The name of the field in the row template ('objrijksnr')
    • dest : The destination field in the sql table (u'objrijksnr'). Please keep this ascii to prevent problems. If you leave it empty this information will just be dropped.
    • conv : Do we want to do any conversions? Deprecated leave empty please.

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Change 379986 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jean-Frédéric; owner: Jean-Frédéric):
[labs/tools/heritage@master] Add Croatia in Croatian (hr_hr)

Change 379986 merged by jenkins-bot:
[labs/tools/heritage@master] Add Croatia in Croatian (hr_hr)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2017-09-24T20:06:11Z] <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 2f25778 (T174505)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2017-09-24T20:45:27Z] <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 2f25778 (T174505)

This can be closed, we finished a while back :)