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Data loss: Click "Reply...", enter text, open a diff, have your text lost
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I just lost a long code review comment (and this happens frequently, this one just particularly long to make it frustrating).

This is about the patchset level comments when you hit the "Reply..." button at the top. This opens a text box where you can write stuff. I wanted to check some diffs again and clicked one without thinking further. There was no warning, and when I went back I realised everything I had written was gone.

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This is fixed in PolyGerrit (gerrit 2.14) it saves comments to your local storage (they call it local storage for the browser).

This also looks like it’s a duplicate of T48777

Sorry I don't see how this would be a duplicate. I am speaking about a data loss that happens when you have already commented, not the inability to write a comment.

These two bugs might or might not have the same fix though.

PolyGerrit has just recently added a way to know if a draft comment was saved or did not save.

It has a little fly out box in the bottom left corner.

This will be fully fix when we upgrade to 2.15. Partially fixed in 2.14.

Aklapper renamed this task from Data loss in gerrit review interface due to bad design to Data loss: Click "Reply...", enter text, open a diff, have your text lost.Oct 2 2017, 7:22 PM

We have updated to 2.14 now. Please reopen if the problem is not fix in polygerrit.