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Feature: missing gallery image names become upload links
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Author: jt

Randy Fisher pointed out that it would be convenient if image names that have been referenced in a gallery but have not yet been uploaded became "red upload links" to simplify populating the missing images.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement



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herd wrote:

Apparently this used to be the case. But near as I can figure, r14792 (1.7?) explicitly checkes if the image is thumbnailable and if not then does not try to makeKnownLinkObj() the name.

At least two people this week have asked in MediaWiki-General for this feature. Perhaps a config variable or <gallery> parameter could control this?

bompo wrote:

This behavior was default in version 1.10 of Mediawiki. At least i think so, my version got some extensions and is a bit customized.

rd232 wrote:

This behaviour already exists for ordinary transclusions of deleted images (redlinks). Can we please have the same in galleries?