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Fix sort order in Bashkir projects' Special:AllPages, etc.
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Following T162823: Changing the alphabetical sorting (collation) @ (closed in June 2017), collation in the Bashkir Wikipedia's categories was corrected via a temporary workaround. Unfortunately, the change does not seem to have affected the sort order in Special pages that list pages, such as Special:AllPages and Special:PrefixIndex.

Apparently bawiki and the recently opened bawikibooks both suffer from the same problem.

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Dcljr renamed this task from Fix collation (sort order) in Bashkir Wikibooks to Fix sort order in Bashkir projects' Special:AllPages, etc..Aug 31 2017, 4:25 AM
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Here's some examples at the Bashkir Wikibooks:

They show the sort order:


But it should be:


Is this something that will need to wait for the CLDR change discussed in T162823?

Reedy added a subscriber: Reedy.

AFAIK, it wouldn't.

T162823 is literally just about category sorting orders

Special:AllPages AFAIK just uses whatever mysql does for 'ORDER BY' => 'page_title', I don't think we have any way of modifying this sort order... And I don't remember seeing any request as of yet, but that's not to say there hasn't been any

I don't know if we need to add a similar "sort key" to the page table, so we can do like we do for category members.

Untagging Wikimedia-Site-requests for now, as there's nothing to deploy... I think there may need to be some MW development done first.

I wonder if it's worth filing a parent task for uca sorting of page titles...

So this requires developing a new uca collation or something along those lines? Where do all the ones from T47443 come from?