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Introduce the New Filters to users upon beta graduation through a GuidedTour
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To guide the users who will discover the new filters and more, a guided tour is the best option, due to the number of powerful tools we now have with the filters.

I would advice to have it focusing to something positive, like identifying last revisions from newcomers. Have newcomers who discover RecentChanges for the first time who will see the tour is not a problem; the experience from the WikiMOOC has proven that newcomers tend to help each other to explore the wikis. For people interested by fighting vandalism, this combination will also be useful to identify last revisions made by newcomers. Plus I expect the wording to help users to change their mind and become helpers. :)

The final combination shown would be newcomers filtered + last revision highlighted. An extra step, to filter or highlight edits on article talk pages, is provided as an action people can take to see if anyone needs help.


Start, centered on the page:

RecentChanges have been improved on your wiki!

Discover how filters and highlights can ease your Recent Changes work.

[Go for a tour] (blue button)
[I'm already aware of filters and highlights] -> (white button) Closes the tour
[Disable the new features] -> (simple link) Go to preferences

Step 1, attached to the browsing bar

Let's check newcomers most recent edits

This way, you will be able to help new users to make better edits.

Click on the bar and find the "newcomers" filter. You can browse this filter by typing"newcomers" in the bar.
[validation by action]

Step 2, open the dropdown menu and attach the tour pop-up to the Newcomers filter checkbox

Select the Newcomers filter

Click on the square, to select the checkbox.
Only edits by editors with fewer than 10 edits and 4 days of activity will be shown.
[validation by action]

Step 3, attached to the highlight button

Differentiate edits using highlighting

All edits are not the same. We are going to highlight some types of edits.

Click on the Highlight button and add a colored background to "Lastest revision" edits.
[validation by action]

Step 4, activated when a color is selected, attached to the first result of the list, closing browsing dropdown

You now filter edits

The results only display Newcomers edits (all edits) and highlight the last revisions.

[Let's see more filters!]↴

Step 5, attached on the namespace icon

Filter by namespace

Let's check if there is messages left on article talk pages. Open the advanced menu to filter namespaces.
[validation by action]

Step 6, attached on the filters dropdown

Filter or highlight

You can

  • select the filter to only see talk pages
  • highlight the results in a different color to surface talk pages.

[Got it, thank you for the tour!]