rsync-published-datasets cron should not launch multiple rsync processes
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The rsync-published-datasets cron is scheduled to run every 15 minutes on stat1005 and stat1006. If an rsync takes more than 15 minutes to run, due to new large files, a new process will still be started. We should make sure that only one distinct rsync-published-datasets process can run at any given time.

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Re-happened again several times today, I killed the rsync processes and now everything looks good. It seems that when a lot of rsyncs use disk cache for IO then the OOM killer prefers to target anonymous memory (like processes) causing damages to thorium websites.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-09-01T10:35:31Z] <elukey> stop puppet on thorium and disable root rsyncs - T174756

There is currently one huge rsync job running, I'll leave it going until it finishes before restarting puppet:

elukey@thorium:~$ sudo lsof | grep 17453
elukey@thorium:~$ sudo lsof | grep 17453
rsync     17453                   root    4r      REG              253,0 25169879040   25310634 /srv/published-datasets-rsynced/stat1006/archive/public-datasets/all/bot_conflict/enwiki_20170420_reverts.json

rsync     17453                   root    7u      REG              253,0 29348593664   25304187 /srv/published-datasets-rsynced/stat1006/archive/public-datasets/all/bot_conflict/.enwiki_20170420_reverts.json.ByiCiO

elukey@thorium:~$ du -hs /srv/published-datasets-rsynced/stat1006/archive/public-datasets/all/bot_conflict/enwiki_20170420_reverts.json
24G	/srv/published-datasets-rsynced/stat1006/archive/public-datasets/all/bot_conflict/enwiki_20170420_reverts.json

elukey@thorium:~$ du -hs /srv/published-datasets-rsynced/stat1006/archive/public-datasets/all/bot_conflict/.enwiki_20170420_reverts.json.ByiCiO
29G	/srv/published-datasets-rsynced/stat1006/archive/public-datasets/all/bot_conflict/.enwiki_20170420_reverts.json.ByiCiO

My understanding was wrong, I thought that thorium was rsyncing from stat, meanwhile is the other way around (stat1006 -> thorium). Maybe disabling stat1006's puppet until the file enwiki_20170420_reverts.json is rsynced might help, trying it.

elukey added a subscriber: Halfak.Fri, Sep 1, 1:56 PM

The file has been removed by @Halfak so everything should be back to normal.