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Allow selective blocking on Wikimedia projects
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Allow blocking of specific actions, such as editing a specific page, or uploading, with a selective blocking tool. The tool should:

Use Special:Block to place the block
Block pages from being edited for a specific user that match a regular expression

(more to be added later)

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Is still really needed? If a user cannot be trusted to edit one page or upload files, why should they be allowed on the wiki at all? Maybe this would make an interesting extension, but I don't think it's something that should be integrated into core. Of course, if there are requests by communities or such, it could be done, but I haven't heard of any.

Some permissions are available, and for specific requests to block a specific activity, please file separate tasks and provide actual usecases and problem descriptions, instead of potential solutions. I am closing this task as invalid as this task is too vague (some stuff talks about editing, other stuff talks about uploading) and does not explain which problem(s) it is supposed to solve. Please see