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"View newsletter" should be changed to "Manage your newsletter options" in Email Notifications
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"View newsletter" means "view content of the newsletter". Rephrase it would avoid confusion, plus it would give a clear indicator where to opt-out.

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"View newsletter" is shown in the notifications when a new issue is announced, i.e.

Qgil-WMF has announced a new issue of The Technical Collaboration Observer
The Staff Issue

View Newsletter

While the two first lines link to the new issue, "View Newsletter" points to the information page of the newsletter, i.e.

I personally don't see how "View content of the newsletter" informs better about the page that the user will visit after clicking, neither about the fact that such page will allow them to unsubscribe. "Content of the newsletter" sounds (to me) more like something to read, which the page doesn't really offer.

I think both sentences are either equivalent or the proposed one is in fact more confusing. And the current one is shorter.

"View content of the new

I'm referring to Email notifications, like in:

Here, view the new issue is clear, but "view the newsletter" seems redundant.

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