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jQuery UI uses deprecated .bind()
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Ran the code editor, which in turn uses jquery.resizable, which uses jquery.ui.widget, which warns about .bind usage:

[Log] Trace
	migrateWarn (load.php:140:277)
	bind (load.php:147:845)
	(anonymous function) (Script Element 1:121:423)
	each (load.php:5)
	_on (Script Element 1:120:867)
	_createWidget (Script Element 1:118:399)
	(anonymous function) (Script Element 1:114:49733)
	(anonymous function) (Script Element 1:117:756)
	each (load.php:4:944)
	(anonymous function) (Script Element 1:117:622)
	setupCodeEditor (Script Element 1:266:883)
	codeEditor (Script Element 1:274:418)
	wikiEditor (Script Element 1:35:197)
	(anonymous function) (Script Element 1:274:12731)
	mightThrow (load.php:49:604)
	(anonymous function) (load.php:50:280)

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jQuery did not end up removing bind() in jQuery 3. While the 1.x-3.x migrate plugin does warn and it is "deprecated in documentation" it wasn't removed so this isn't blocking removal of the migrate plugin.

Krinkle renamed this task from jquery.ui.widget uses .bind() to jQuery UI uses deprecated .bind().Jan 8 2020, 4:46 PM