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tool extreg-wos not updating its table
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Description is seemingly not working. It says that it's updated hourly but it is not updating currently. Take T173058 for example, which was created on August 11; now go to the AdminLinks section and you'll see it red. Can you please restart it and make it update again? Thanks.

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MarcoAurelio renamed this task from tool extreg-wos not working to tool extreg-wos not updating its table.Sep 2 2017, 8:44 PM

It updates, it's just that this tool is currently hardcoded to detect substrings in Maniphest task titles that match Convert {extension} to use. See this block (also ):
            ext_name = phid_info['fullName'].split('Convert ', 1)[1].split('to use', 1)[0].strip()
            ext_name = ext_name.split('extension', 1)[0].strip()

Notice that there is no "Extension" prefix. For example, in this instance it's explicitly looking for a substring Convert AdminLinks to use, but that doesn't exist. Instead, the first part of that tile is Convert Extension:AdminLinks to use

A lot of tasks are like that - see the related objects on T98668

After an hour, they've been updated (2017-09-02 22:16:00.532121) - now "Patch to review" is shown for these, with the appropriate task linked. Not really sure what else needs to be done here(?) Personally I like that a task naming standard is technically enforced by the tool so they're consistent.

Well, this task was created originally as a misunderstanding of what was going on, so I'm going to close this as invalid. Cheers 👍

Thanks all. Maybe the title standards should be mentioned in some place for future reference, or the tool amended to detect that from subtasks of both bugs? Regards.