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Image thumbnail generator adding large amounts of artefacts
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The thumbnail generator is producing very, very low quality thumbnails. For instance, look around the flower petals in this thumbnail: It's created huge amounts of ugliness where the original ( ) has nothing of the sort.

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That is the same URL two times.

Created attachment 5856
Resized with default options


mexican-1-default.jpg (301×200 px, 83 KB)

Created attachment 5857
Resized with sharpening


mexican-2-sharpen.jpg (301×200 px, 94 KB)

Created attachment 5858
Resized with sharpening and reduced quality


mexican-3-quality.jpg (301×200 px, 51 KB)

Sharpening adds a slight halo at the edgges of the petals (attachment #5857). Reducing the JPEG quality adds some blocking artifacts, and creates an increased halo at the petal edges (attachment #5858). It also reduces the file size by 46%, which of course is the point. It would be helpful to know which of these two processes it is that you're objecting to. But I suspect this is going to be a WONTFIX either way.

EN.WP.ST47 wrote:

Wontfix per Tim Starling.