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Extract cropped too much at certain pages with exintro=1
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I'd like to report a bug I came accross while using the amazing TextExtracts extension: at certain pages, the extract is cropped too much, actually right after the very first full stop, when using exintro=1. An example of such page is here:

When you turn exintro off, everything is fine, but that's not the way that would help me because it doesn't get rid of the disambiguation note for example.

I also came accross a page where the extract is cropped regardless of the exintro setting, see

Can anyone let me know if this can be fixed? I didn't find anything strange in the source of the pages affected by this problem.

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Thanks for the bug report. Yes, this is a known problem and is documented here: and we do not plan to fix it.

We're working on a new endpoint to provide better extracts for these kinds of use cases - see T168848 . I suggest not using exsentences in the mean time.

Oh, amazing, I didn't know exsentences causes such problem. Turning it off works perfectly, sorry I didn't find it myself before… Thanks! :-)

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Finally solved by T182321