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OOjs-UI raises 'Error: Widget not found: undefined' on Commons Special:Upload (legacy upload form)
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This may be the root cause of

mediawiki.action.edit.js#L23 <anonymous>: wpSummary = OO.ui.infuse( $( '#wpSummaryWidget' ) );
oojs-ui-core.js#L340 infuse: return OO.ui.Element.static.infuse( idOrNode );
oojs-ui-core.js#L662 infuse: var obj = OO.ui.Element.static.unsafeInfuse( idOrNode, false );
oojs-ui-core.js#L695 unsafeInfuse: throw new Error( 'Widget not found: ' + id );

$( '#wpSummaryWidget' ) is of length 0 on Special:Upload