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2017/18 Annual Plan Program 8: Multi-datacenter support, Q2 goals
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This task is tracking the Multi-Datacenter program goals for Q2 2017/18 (October to December 2017).

Draft Q2 outcomes and Objectives

  • Outcome 1: Our audiences enjoy improved MediaWiki and REST API availability and reduced wiki read-only impact from data center fail-overs.
    • Objective 1: MediaWiki support for having read-only “read” requests (GET/HEAD) be routed to other data centers
    • Objective 2: Test an active/active deployment for read-only requests of the MediaWiki application platform and REST APIs
    • Objective 3: Integrate MediaWiki with dynamic configuration or service discovery, in order to reduce the time required for a master switch from one datacenter to another
  • Outcome 2: Backend infrastructure works reliably across data centers.

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