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Find a way for ability to talk with subscribers
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Hi. I don't know it's possible, but maybe you cab provide some way to talk with subscribers. For example, {{Subscribers|<newsletter name>}}, which will notice all of them. Or some page that thay will watch automatically. I can notice tham one by one, using the subscribers list, but I don't want this list will be open information. If something like this is possible technically, can you make it work, please? Thank you.

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Well, as a publisher you can send an announcement to all the subscribers already. Isn't this a way to "talk with subscribers"?

I can send a message "X published new issue", and nothing more.

You can add a title to that issue and post the message in a wiki page.

It's not the same. If, for example, I want to say to the people, and only to them: "I hope the local version of the Newsletter Extension will come soon", explaining why, listening to their answers, and then, a week later, say to them "the local version is here", I don't want to create a page for each notice. I even don't want different sections.
More, I don't want to call it "new issue". As I said, it's not so important, but it could be a very nice feature.

How do you expect users to receive those messages? Is it stil a notification that they receive that points them to a page or are you thinking of other means. Basically, can you define "talk"?

As i said. For example, using the existing user notice mechanism. X mentioned you on the page Y in Z. I thought about that remembering our wiki "Template:Admins", that calls for all admins, if needed.

Sounds reasonable, but we need some mockups. If someone can push this, we might be able to get this into Google-Code-in-2018.