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Suppress duplicate entries from prior days in TFA
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This is similar to T147952 but for "Today's featured article" instead of "In the news".

We want to avoid repeating the same information in the explore feed. If a wiki choses to reuse TFA articles for multiple days (scowiki, huwiki, bswiki) we probably want to omit the duplicates.

We could probably add an optional start date field to the tfa, which a client could use to filter out later the TFA card display for later dates.

Event Timeline

On some small wikis, the featured article doesn't change every day. Could be weekly or monthly.

The idea could be too have the service only serve the featured article once when it was chosen.

It is unclear how this could be done with the current service architecture.

@JoeWalsh How is iOS doing this? Are you doing any client side filtering?

LGoto closed this task as Declined.Oct 9 2020, 4:50 PM