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Requesting access to Stat1005 for zhousquared
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Username: zhousquared
Full name: Zhou Zhou
Public SSH:ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDnn4PZEXCUasMJdW1/Ebvhz2vFtjI7xJ3c4vopqwwmiiXTnnIXVN/78RrtZK9Ujc4OnaTW2mNAQTD19c5Hjgz+2daposSYOc7VbBZ2fl5eqlgwWw6d/v0QANtLF3oCFwTTkMVf4GqjHhwu1SFyfa+meuFKJ6KGgO4rPMPaQOeFBMJYylBsWrWiRwhguSO5RNOVOEDAuZopY/Mn8QmwxiTxiOjkYIF9jxAJslz4MXiwH529sNZwJGlIs8Dfq41P8QIjS5QJgdzFNfhcOWlnX5G84UISZbAa/KUCitWediYwteeZyRrACLZ/Nb7cmpL+xQVjFBBS/RGiOQlGBfL3zxeF

I lost my old laptop recently and so had to regenerate a new SSH key. I need stats access to maintain some software Legal has on the cluster.

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@ZhouZ If something happens like losing your laptop, please tell us about it ASAP, so we can revoke the old key first.

Yes, please revoke the old key - sorry I forgot to tell you earlier.

Change 378780 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn; owner: Dzahn):
[operations/puppet@production] admins: add new SSH key for Zhou Zhou

Change 378780 merged by Dzahn:
[operations/puppet@production] admins: add new SSH key for Zhou Zhou

We just had a brief Google chat to cross-verify this, then i merged the new key. Puppet ran and replaced key on bast1001 and stat1005.. any other hosts will follow automatically. It should just work again.