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Implement IE7 correction for long-term trend charts
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  • Augment this and this chart with the correction method already used to remove this spurious traffic from the recently reported monthly pageview numbers
  • publicly document the correction calculation

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For the record, below is an example of the queries I have been using for this. This was based on the detailed analysis in (for Pakistan - task set to private because the examination involved looking at some IP information), while including two other countries - Iran and Afghanistan - that showed a similarly anomalous pattern of IE7 views widely surpassing those from newer IE versions.

Note though that the recent ua-parser upgrade raised new questions about this: T193578#4238244

SELECT year, month, day, CONCAT(year,'-',LPAD(month,2,'0'),'-',LPAD(day,2,'0')) AS date,
SUM(IF(access_method = 'mobile app', view_count, null)) AS Apps,
SUM(IF(access_method = 'desktop', view_count, null)) AS Desktop,
SUM(IF(access_method = 'mobile web', view_count, null)) AS MobileWeb
FROM wmf.pageview_hourly
WHERE year > 0
AND agent_type='user'
AND NOT (country_code IN ('PK', 'IR', 'AF') --
AND user_agent_map['browser_family'] = 'IE' AND user_agent_map['browser_major'] = 7)
GROUP BY year, month, day ORDER BY year, month, day LIMIT 1000;
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