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IP Address Lookup Tool Installation
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Dear all,

Could checkuser or at least some thing (e.g IP range outputter) that can return an IP upon request (even if it requires another steward to press a confirm button or similar in order to output it) be activated on the beta cluster? Another possible method is the ability to block users globally/make autoblocks global (i.e. Autoblocks are just like a normal block). There has been a lot of spam recently and we need at least some easy way (even if it takes a bit of confirmation time) that can return an accurate IP address to certain users with the right permissions that DO NOT have database access.

Please find a way to action this so those on this cluster can deal with the problem a little more efficiently.


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@Aklapper AbuseFilter can't look up IPs and that I didn't mean throttling. I mean a tool which can return the IP address or a tickbox for global blocking. After all if we can block the spm range then we don't need to block accounts 1 by 1 as they come in.

I believe you're essentially looking for CheckUser or CheckUser-like functionality? I've had a scour of the beta cluster docs and can't see why it wasn't installed, but I imagine there was a privacy concern reason?

Yes I mean checkuser. If somehow rights were modified so only NDAed people could user it/ add those rights or if there was a mutual confirmation like thing (1 user asks and another user (different person) has to confirm it) or a thing that could strip raw ips (spam only) from the logs would be really useful. Even a global block checkbox would make stewards' life easier when dealing with crosswiki spam.

@Samtar @Aklapper Pinging for extra comment

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Declining for now per T176213#3617488