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IP range contributions list is incomplete
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Since the implementation of T163562 it is possible to fetch the contributions from an IP range. However, the list seems to be incomplete.

Take for example

Currently it shows only four edits by two distinct IP addresses (= and but this is incomplete; edits by are not displayed, for instance. In fact if you enable the Contributions Range gadget on that wiki, you will find 7 distinct IP addresses in that range that have made contributions in the past. Screenshot below.

RANGE.png (352×1 px, 132 KB)

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MusikAnimal, I think should have been accompanied by another patch that introduced an update script that would go through the revision table and retrospectively populate ip_changes for past edits. Was it?

Huh. There was one it is just that it has not been run for most other wikis.

Correct, the script hasn't been ran for any of the group 2 wikis yet. We're working on some performance improvements that I hope will get merged and deployed tomorrow. From there it's probably still a bit of a wait for you since it goes alphabetically, and enwiki comes before fawiki =P

No problem. It was just a bit difficult to track all that in Phabricator, so I submitted the task, then found out the reason and then closed it as duplicate. I wish we had a specific tag for this feature in Phab.