Allow Guianese Creole French translation for interface
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I come here to relay LeGuyanaisPure’s request: they would like to translate Mediawiki interface into Guianese Creole French.

They have opened a TranslateWiki portal and a Wikipedia in incubator, and has been stalling, waiting for interface translation ability.

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The first reply in!!! links to which explains which information in which steps to provide where.

As far as I can see, this information has not been provided yet in the Support thread on

I currently do not understand why a Phabricator task got opened - is this mentioned in some step? If so, a link is very welcome. :)
Closing this task as invalid for the time being.

Hi @Aklapper

You’re right, I should not open a Phabricator task to request a new language. However, LeGuyanaisPure has followed the correct procedure and has not received a developer answer yet, that’s why I wanted to ensure here that the described procedure is still appropriated.
Does a maintainer still watch Support threads on translatewiki?

Sorry for this tool misuse.

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Thanks, that makes sense!

Following , the thread seems to be at
The first link mentions for example to state whether the person wants to translate themselves or not, or asks for the language name in its own language.
I do not see those things answered in the second link?

I do not know if "a maintainer still watch Support threads on translatewiki" as it's a pretty separate page.

Per I'm going to add here and reopen here. (This might still be the wrong place but someone from will know way better.)

Don't worry about creating files, that will happen automatically.

You haven't replied to the question whether French can be used as the fallback language for translations.

Yeah French could be used as the fallback language for translation but i don't know how to put French in fallback language ?

Yes, French is the most spoken language in French Guiana and second comes Guianan Creole so French can be the fallback language but the problem is that I don't know how added it as a fallback language ?!

hello, someone would have news about my project because until now the Guianan Wikipedia project has not been created yet, someone knows what's going on ???

Change 407862 had a related patch set uploaded (by Amire80; owner: Amire80):
[translatewiki@master] Add Guianan French

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Sorry about the delay. I'm not sure why was this missed. I have all the basic needed information.

I started the process with these patches:

Change 407862 merged by jenkins-bot:
[translatewiki@master] Add Guianan French