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Inconsistent positioning of cached data message.
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Some pages put the message about data being cached before the introduction:

Others put it after the introduction:

The message should always be in the same position. In my opinion it makes most sense to come after the introduction (so you know what the page is about) and before the data (so the data directly follows the warning).

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: minor

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... and this is the case still today.

I'm new and would like to work on the bug, could anyone point out that if the flashing of the message is page specific so in what all pages should I look for to make the change?

This is due to a small design fault in the code, there are two provisions to give a "Header". One is got by checking for "<pagename>-summary" message, while the other is manually set.

Any help on how I could fix this ? Would it be wise to change the languages/i18n/en.json and remove entries like "unusedcategoriestext" and move the message from there into "categoriespage-summary" ?
In all the cases when the message name is hardcoded, the <pagename>-summary is empty, so this wouldnt cause any clashes.
Also, the "<pagename>text" hasnt been used anywhere (verified using git grep).

The special pages which have not used the <pagename>-summary message key are:

  • LonelyPages
  • UnusedTemplates
  • DoubleRedirects
  • UnusedImages
  • UnusedCategories
  • BrokenRedirects

Change 237979 had a related patch set uploaded (by TasneemLo):
getPageHeader() -> outputHeader() when possible