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Remove ability to block other users whilst blocked
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It seems that admins can block other editors, whilst they're still blocked themselves. This serves no purpose, and could possibly be damaging, so please remove that ability. Thanks.

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misza wrote:

I may be dumb or something, but I just made up a private wiki based on the trunk and blocked myself. Then,

  1. when trying to block myself again, I got the "You cannot block other users while you are blocked" error,
  2. I have managed to block, for example, and a second attempt failed with the usual "is already blocked" error.

After I modifed the "$wgUser->getId" thing to "$wgUser->getId()" (I believe getId is a method, not a property), further self-blocks fail with "already blocked", but I'm still unrestricted in blocking IPs.

A blocked sysop can still unblock themselves, and then block other users.

Reclosing. Sysops are supposed to be able to unblock themselves.