Add CSS to style moved paragraphs marker in the diff view
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Give the users a basic understanding on the concept of moved paragraphs and changes in moved paragraphs in the plain Diff view.

Proposed solution
Use CSS styles to replace the neutral marker symbols from the wikidiff2 output with better fitting, language direction aware icons/arrows.

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@Jan_Dittrich what should be the 'proper' icon for the plain diff view?

Please take into consideration extensive, related discussion at T169325 with several different approaches and possible pitfalls of move markers.

@Volker_E reading the T169325 issue I get that several options were discussed but that there is no decision on one yet – is that correct?

@Jan_Dittrich No definite decision taken yet, correct.

@Jan_Dittrich since this is assigned to you, are you actively working on it? If not, can you unassign yourself, so one of the developers can pick it up?

I'm currently not working actively on that. Thanks for poking me.

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For now we decided on using the Unicode arrows that where originally in the first diff2 version, just that we now can 'RTLize' them with CSS :-)