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External links syntax is ended by quotes
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Now quotes stop external links:

["Foo+Bar" Foo Bar]"Foo+Bar"


<a href="">"Foo+Bar" Foo Bar</a>
<a href=""></a>"Foo+Bar"

If you try to escape them with &quot; you don't get " or &quot; at the url, but \" (urlescaped)

[;Foo+Bar&quot; Foo Bar];Foo+Bar&quot;


<a href=";search=%5C%22Foo+Bar%5C%22">Foo Bar</a>
<a href=";search=%5C%22Foo+Bar&amp;quot">;search=%5C%22Foo+Bar&amp;quot</a>



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I have tried to reproduce this at but honestly I get lost in the details.

Could you please help triage your own ol' bug report? :) Thank you.

Still reproducible. Can this bug be marked as EASY?

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The first part is still reproducible, the quote still ends the link.

The second part appears to have been fixed, using &quot; to escape works correctly, no backslash appears.

Parsoid produces identical rendering.