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Bogus label usage languages recorded at least on commons
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Bogus label usage languages are recorded at least on commons, as the following query shows:

MariaDB [commonswiki_p]> SELECT COUNT(*) AS No, eu_aspect FROM wbc_entity_usage WHERE eu_aspect LIKE 'L.%' GROUP BY eu_aspect;
| No      | eu_aspect          |
|      36 | translate     |
|      60 | L.itwikimedia      |
|    2712 | L.⧼lang⧽       |
|    2975 | L.⧼lang⧽           |
145 rows in set (2 min 20.97 sec)

This probably only affects multilingual wikis. T173196: Client term access in user language should track all labels/ descriptions as being used on multilingual wikis will surely solve this as a side-effect.

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The name of wiki part is fixed now and I can't find anything like L.itwikimedia anymore, even though I was able to find way more crazy things that probably caused by xkill: P6777

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