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As a user who searches in multiple languages I'd like to be alerted to the option to add an additional search language from the search screen
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From Johan Jönsson:

So I've encountered this enough times lately that I thought I could at least pass it on. You know far more than I do, of course, and might have data that make this relevant, but nevertheless, passing on some feedback:

Several of my friends and acquaintances have had problems adding languages. They use the iOS app in Swedish. All of them also want to search in English – else the app is far, far less useful in Sweden – and some in additional languages. They don't connect the "more" ("mer", in this case) to the (one) listed language, and don't understand they can click it to add more ones. Once they have more than one language it's obvious to them what it does; when there's just one language listed under the search field they don't understand it's the potential start of a list and thus not the function of the link. Their request has been to rename it to something like "more languages" (although very long in English and some other languages, of course), or possibly "languages" instead of "more".

Proposed design solution
Add a tool tip to the search screen under the 'More' link to encourage users to add additional languages

Proposed text
Title: Add languages
Body: Search Wikipedia in nearly 300 languages

Proposed trigger
The popover would appear once for users who have only one language selected on their first view of the search overlay.

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Do we want to set "Show languages on search" in Settings to default to on for new users? Otherwise, they won't see the tooltip cause the languages bar will be hidden 🤔

Please only show if the user has the search bar visible (ie. user has 2 or more languages).

Testing criteria:

Case 1:

  1. Fresh install the app
  2. Add 2 or more languages
  3. Open the article view
  4. Tap the magnifying glass to search
  5. Make sure the "Add languages" tooltip appears
  6. Click through to another article
  7. Tap the magnifying glass to search
  8. Make sure the tooltip doesn't appear again

Case 2:

  1. Fresh install the app
  2. Don't add any new languages, leave the default language
  3. Open the article view
  4. Tap the magnifying glass to search
  5. Make sure the "Add languages" tooltip does not appear

Testing on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 11.1.2) and Wikipedia app 5.7.2 (1267). Case 2 works as expected, but according to the attached video the "Add languages" tooltip is not appearing when I open article view using the featured article even though "Tap to go home" tooltip appears. @NHarateh_WMF if applicable please let me know if there is another article in which the tooltip should appear on any devices running iOS 10 and 11 and with the latest build.

It is looking ok for me on Wikipedia app 5.7.3 (1281). @Nicholas.tsg, can you restest with the current build?