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Layout for blocked IP warning in visual editor is broken
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The warning message within VE for a user behind an IP block has text that is escaping the template border:

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Ragesoss created this task.Sep 25 2017, 9:21 PM
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The visual editor isn't the problem here.

Many templates on-wiki are very badly made; they assume specific things like that the user is on desktop or is using a wide screen. I replicated the error that you saw, and narrowed the width of my browser window, and the same thing happened (see below screenshot).

Templates often only need minor changes to stop these problems from occurring. I don't have much experience with HTML or CSS, so I don't know exactly which bit of the template is causing the problem.

@Deskana the template only displays with a broken layout either with VE or with a very narrow screen. It was already like this for some users, because it wasn't designed for anything but a wide desktop, but it's messed up for everyone who views it in VE, and there are probably many other templates that show up for users with similar problems, because VE assumes they are going to work fine in a narrow div. Maybe the fix isn't a VE change, but broken templates like that showing up for VE users seems like a valid bug to me.

[...] broken templates like that showing up for VE users seems like a valid bug to me.

It's a valid issue, for sure. These notices clearly shouldn't look that way. That said, the primary blame here is the template, and changes to templates are not tracked in Phabricator, thus the "Invalid".

There are a bunch of other tasks for improving notices from the visual editor end:

If you have other specific things you'd recommend for visual editor and edit notices, please do file those as additional tasks. :-)

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure this was still being tracked somewhere. :)