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Map marker is misplaced when loading from MCS
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure app is loading from MCS
  2. Change app language to de
  3. Open [[Watkin's Tower]]
  4. View the map in the article infobox

Expected results

Map marker appears over London

Actual results

Map marker appears on the southern coast of England. (It is correctly placed in the web version and when loading from mobileview.)

Event Timeline

Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald Transcript provides the following geo coordinates:

"geo": {
  "latitude": 51.555556,
  "longitude": -0.279444

The Koordinaten link from de:Watkin's Tower shows the same coordinates to me:

Geo URI	geo:51.555556,-0.279444

Edit: Ok, just realized that this is not about the geo portion missing but having the wrong location in there. Updated the comment to reflect that.

Duh, the coordinates I was talking about don't even get used by the app. This is about a marker in an image in the infobox.

Looks like an issue with Template:Location map in Parsoid. VE has problems with this template, too (T52714).

Supporting the location map feature would be an unreasonable amount of effort for a legacy feature that has now been replaced by proper software support for maps. Other software components don't support them either, see e.g. T193822: Pushpin disappears after opening image in mediaviewer or T64572: Media Viewer and location map overlays. I would suggest declining and pointing people to Maps (Kartographer) as a replacement for the template.