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Automatic infobox implementation
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Steps towards providing automatic infoboxes. The initial steps in the sub-task are targeted at communities with no to very little Infobox infrastructure.

Current problems:

  • Infoboxes are hard to impossible to maintain for small communities. They mostly copy templates and modules from big wikis.
  • Infoboxes make inconsistent or no use of semantic markup. This impacts discoverability and reusability by 3rd parties.
  • Infobox content is very hard to adapt to different form factors and use cases, because the content is closely tied to the page content.


  • We want to make Infobox content machine readable.
  • We want the representation to be easily and consistently derivable from the input data.

Next steps:

  • Deploy Capiunto to all the Wikis
  • Provide infobox “placeholder”, no options for customization
  • (If needed) Clearly defined narrow most hooks (NO html, wikitext manipulation or anything, only simple atomic in place (filter/ sort/ …) operations!)
  • (If needed) Allow *hiding* (HIDING ONLY) some value per page
    • Hiding only to not introduce unstructured data (wikitext/html)