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Provide a Wikibase Client dataview for client pages
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Wikibase Client should provide a dataview presenting structured information about a certain client page. This view should be based on the linked Wikibase Item, but customized (ordered/ filtered/…) for the local wiki. The data structure from the view should be clearly defined, so that we can easily adjust and further customize the way the view is composed at any time.

Initially this would allow each wiki (with a default) to specify a sorted list of properties which are supposed to be included in this data view (similar to Given the guaranteed data format, we can at any point in time expand this data view or the way it is composed.

I imagine the dataview data to roughly look like this:

  • label in content lang or userlang on multilingual wikis
  • description in content lang or userlang on multilingual wikis
  • ordered and filtered list of statements from the Item

This dataview should be accessible from the API and via a Lua or PHP interface (for Capiunto).