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Language indicator line is below the search area with large dynamic text sizes
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Device: any (iPhone 6S and iPhone X tested)
Build: 5.7.0 (develop)
iOS: 11.0

Step to reproduce:

  1. Enable more than one search language
  2. Go to settings and set the dynamic text size to maximum (not accessibility sizes, just basic dynamic text)
  3. Tap Search

Expected result: Blue "active" language indicator sits below the language name, but above the separator.
Actual result: Blue indicator sits below both the language name and the search UI's bottom separator

Event Timeline

The issue described in the ticket is fixed:

However, there is a different problem with increasing the font size. As the font size increases, the buttons get squashed:

One solution would be to put them in scroll view and let the user scroll horizontally:

@cmadeo what's your preference? Scroll view, hiding labels as text increases or something else?


I like the slider approach, could we use a subtle transparency gradient to show that the languages are sliding 'behind' the More option and opposite side of the screen?

@NHarateh_WMF This looks really good!
A bit nit picky, but is there a way to move the slide indicator below the language selection indicator?

Testing on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 11.1.2) - Wikipedia app 5.7.3 (1281). I'll just include the screencap from my testing.

I am also having some trouble with this one. I do not see significantly larger text at all after switching text size on the search page (Testing on iPhone 7+ and the iPad Pro).

Only 3 languages displayed

Article text is large

Slider is at max

More than 3 languages

Ipad too

@ABorbaWMF the text size only responds to the iOS system-wide setting (Settings > Display And Brightness > Text Size). Also, only showing 3 languages (even if the user has more) is how it has worked in the past and is expected behavior for now.