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Set up dedicated API server for XTools
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Set up dedicated API server for XTools and change the config var that the Edit Counter stuff uses so that it will direct API requests to the new API server.

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@Samwilson You set up the current production app server, right? I tried to set up the new one to no avail :/ The documentation on Wikitech is a bit lacking... are we using LAMP, or did we install those things separately? Do you install it with apt-get?

Yes, I think everything's just installed locally, no puppet roles beyond whatever the instances come with.

Should I add more to the docs, or will we not need them once we're configing with Puppet?

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It took a bit of trial and error but I got this working!

Setting up the box itself was the same as the main app server. Every step I took is documented at See Setting up an API server specifically for how /api requests get forwarded. If someone wants to convert this to a puppet script that'd be great, but I think we're OK with just the Wikitech documentation. is currently using the API server, but I will disable this once we configure prod01 to use it.

There is no DNS hostname tied to the API server.

I guess this is done.. there's not much to "review" except the instructions I've laid out at The server is up and running. I'm going to switch prod01 (the main app server) very soon! :)