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Update meta_p database for new service names
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@Krinkle has pointed out that the meta_p database has a slice column that contains the *.labsdb service names that are being deprecated. It would be nice to just have the slice label (e.g. s1) in a column, but we don't want a breaking change for tools like GUC that are expecting a valid hostname from the current field.

  • Change *.labsdb to *.analytics.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs in the current slice column.
  • Add a new slice_name column that just has the sN value.
  • Document the schema change and announce on labs-l

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Looked at this for a bit today.

There are a few points that need some thought:

  • we can probably keep the slice column as deprecated column, and move to a two-table setup (see T186675).
  • we need to figure out a way how to do database migrations, as 'create if not exists' cannot be used to add columns
  • non-wiki databases (T186675) can be added at a later point -- this needs some thought in how to actually register those databases (centralauth_p is not part of the regular dblist files, it seems)
  • there are no tests for the current implementation -- it would be good to have a few basic tests (against an in-memory database, or a temporary database)
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