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Form a WMCS Documentation Special Interest Group
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Find volunteers interested in participating in a SIG with a focus on the end user docs for the Cloud-VPS and Toolforge projects hosted on Wikitech.

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bd808 triaged this task as Medium priority.

More specifically, the initial focus of this group would be systematically cataloging the topical content and organization of the current end-user documentation. This work is very important to establish a base line of where we are at today.

Once we have this point in time audit, we can start projects to identifying gaps in topical coverage and to rethink the organization of existing content. These spin-off projects would not necessarily be work undertaken by the original SIG members. They could be pursued by separate SIGs or via other methods of organizing group work towards common goals.

Nope, this task (and proposed SIG) is narrowly focused on Cloud Services related documentation.
The other task has a much much broader (potential) remit, of all of mediawikiwiki (and beyond: nod. doc. in-code, etc)