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There are some issues with the current Wikipedia favicon:

  • No border around the letter, the W has direct contact with the surrounding
  • The icon has no boundary, the white background melts into the usually gray surrounding
  • The W is somewhat blurred

I have created an favicon for Wikipedia that addresses these issues, please see:

The W has a one pixel white separator and the bottom-right dark border gives it an optical boundary as well as a nice 3D effect. I have tested this favicon with different background colors (including black) and it looks good on all of them.

It would be great if you could make this (or a related version) the new Wikipedia favicon.

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Cacycle created this task.Sep 25 2008, 1:52 AM
brion added a comment.Mar 4 2009, 7:19 PM

Note they look about the same on Firefox 3 on Mac OS X, where there's a mid-dark gray background on the tabs which melds into that border, so there's no 3d effect. wrote:

I meant to write, see also "

jboriss wrote:

I've added a few versions here that I'd love for you to take a look at - . I'm recommending a transparent background - what do you think?

brion added a comment.Mar 5 2009, 1:04 AM

Created attachment 5886
Screen shot of current favicon & rounded & no-background variants in FF tabs on Mac

Hmm, the fully transparent one looks great on *light* gray. It's not so good on dark gray (tab) or dark blue background (highlighted search menu item), or worst of all if someone's got customized colors such that tabs or menus are going to have a black background (such as high-contrast themes on Windows)...


charlie wrote:

I like the look of the newer rounded one. Doesn't really make a different for me, though, because in Safari 4, it's on a white background.

chinchi29 wrote:

It shouldn't have transparent background as Brion pointed (#6). The only issue I can see with the new icon is that the letter got a little bit smaller.

Thanks Bryan. Brion #2: I do not see any problems with the missing outline effect for certain non-standard browser tab backgrounds. The proposed favicon would be major improvement over the current one (see #1 for details). Please could we get this implemented?

Wasn't this already fixed in 2010 with the new logo?

(In reply to comment #10)

Wasn't this already fixed in 2010 with the new logo?


Do we still want this, anyway? If so, how do we solve it? By a benevolent decision from, say, Brion? :-)

brion added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 10:31 PM

I'm happy enough with the current favicon, except that it lacks a high-resolution variant.

Okay, I'll fix this. Right now. Really. If my battery doesn't run out. AAAAGHSEZGHJNhl;kzgsjdzcbn

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