IRC operator request for Freenode #wikimedia-operations for @Dereckson
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Dereckson, Oct 5 2017



These last 12 months, flood behavior on #wikimedia-operations from blocked people from Wikipedia sites have occurred.

Sometimes, when I'm deploying stuff and have per SWAT procedure to report on #wikimedia-operations, such flood occurrence occurs.
I'd like to have an +o access on chanserv to be able to ban from the channel people disturbing the work.

I'm also available during EU hours, so I can help when it occurs in hours when there isn't someone with +o access readily available.

(Currently, and for the second time, I was available on the channel, without anyone with +o rights for a while).

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And we need a Task for this?

/me approves 👍🏻

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so most of ops team has the rights in the channel to do this, but i've gone ahead and done so

basically ops op themselves, then run:

/pm chanserv flags #wikimedia-operations dereckson +Aiotv
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