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wikt:vi:Special:DeadendPages has bogus entries
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[[wikt:vi:User:Quangbao]] pointed out to me that [[wikt:vi:Đặc biệt:DeadendPages]] is full of entries that actually do have links in them. For example, there's [[wikt:vi:An Hải Đông]], which has always contained links. So has every other page listed there, judging from a cursory glance. The list claims to have been updated on September 16th at 08:27 UTC, but perhaps the cache needs to be cleared again?

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vinhtantran wrote:

It happens in, too.

cumeo89 wrote:

hic sao chỉ có mỗi 1 vote của em thôi :-( sao anh tân k vote :-(

vinhtantran wrote:

Bugzilla seems to be more and more short of active admins :)

(In reply to comment #3)

Bugzilla seems to be more and more short of active admins :)

Bugzilla admins aren't the problem, it's about people who have time to do shell requests. I'm doing a lot of them these days, I'll add this one to my list.

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