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Reach out to ProcseeBot and ProxyBot authors for their input on if/how we can improve the bots
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Community health initiative/Blocking tools and improvements/Open proxies on Meta Wiki


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I want to reach out to Gribeco and Slakr via email and ask them these following three questions, acknowledging that if we make any major changes on Meta we will hold a larger consultation.

  • Are there any improvements we can help you make to ProxseeBot or Proxybot?
  • Should we enable ProcseeBot (or another Open proxy blocking bot) on Meta Wiki?
  • Should ProcseeBot make global blocks on Meta?

@MusikAnimal @kaldari @SPoore — how does this sound? Any other questions I should ask?

Sounds good!

Should ProcseeBot make global blocks on Meta?

Yeah the no-proxy thing is a global policy, so global blocks seems most appropriate. I'm not sure why this hasn't been proposed already.

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I just emailed Slakr on ENWP and Gribeco on Meta.

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I'm going to mark this ticket as resolved. I've sent emails to both users and written on both their talk pages. If they have more feedback/discussion we can use T166817: Globally block identifiable open proxies

Still no response from either user. Our larger blocking consultation includes this as a potential solution. We'll explore that concept if it receives community momentum.