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[EPIC] Create a sideloading-only version of the Offline Library
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Finding from usability testing conducted in T167129:
The majority of users are more interested offline reading for specific topics, rather than to have the ‘entire Wikipedia’ available (as well as not having storage and/or data to download these larger packs).

Proposed solution
Provide a sideloading-only 'bonus feature' version which can benefit users who are already using Kiwix for reading Wikipedia whilst working on long-term solution(s) to serve apt content for New Readers and existing readers.

This ticket tracks tasks TBC for releasing a sideloading-only version of the Offline Library.

Revised Sideloading-only workflow
  1. From the Explore feed, tap on the overflow menu to go to Settings
  2. Tap on the switch to enable the "Offline Library" feature
  3. Return to the Explore feed where the overflow menu should now have the "Offline Library" menu option visible.
  4. Tap on the Offline Library menu item to see a read-only version of the 'Offline Library' with no article packs (empty state)
  5. Return to the Offline Library screen after downloading some ZIM files from outside the app. Confirm downloaded packs are now shown in the list. Tap to check menu actions (Share, Delete) on each article pack list item works.
  6. Go offline and return to the Explore feed.
  7. Tap on the Manage my Offline Library card in the feed.
  8. Tap on a pack to view its details screen.
  9. Tap on the "Main page".

Redline mocks on Zeplin board - under a section titled "Sideloading-only Offline Library flow"


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