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VisualEditor: tall popup windows on small screens scroll target out of view
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Use Visual Editor in a small browser window (maybe 30 lines tall, and narrow enough so that the editor tool bar at the top takes up two rows) to edit a page on Wikipedia, highlight a common word, and hit Ctrl-K (to create a link). The link-target-chooser window pops up, and if it is tall enough (i.e. contains enough entries), then the highlighted word will scroll out of view. It remains out of view even after choosing the link target or canceling the target-chooser window.

This also happen for other pop-up windows, like the link window that appears when clicking on a link, but those windows are smaller and therefore the effect is rarer.

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So this happens if you're using the desktop visual editor in a very small screen? I agree that this could be handled better, but that sounds like an edge case, and would likely require a lot of design work to fix meaningfully.

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That said, @Whatamidoing-WMF points out to me that there might be accessibility issues here; magnification of the browser window would likely have very similar effects to shrinking the window significantly.

The browser window doesn't have to be that small for the effect to appear. On my 14' laptop, it already happens if the windows is about 75% of the width and 75% of the height of the screen.