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Profile Information

Name: Neha Jha
IRC nickname on Freenode: neha
Location (country or state): India (New Delhi)
Typical working hours (include your timezone): 3 PM to 5 AM (UTC+ 5:30)


Iegreview is a web application that is used to accept and review grant requests. Scholarship is a similar application used to accept scholarship requests for Wikimania. Both applications are PHP (slim) based. This proposal aims to complete the following:

  • Update codebase
  • Improve the backend
  • Migration of codebase
  • Install required plugins

I have contacted the mentors and also completed a microtask.


Describe the timeline of your work with deadlines and milestones, broken down week by week. Make sure to include time you are planning to allocate for investigation, coding, deploying, testing and documentation

November 9Results announced
November 10 to November 30Community Bonding, Understanding of codebase and issues, Read more about slim framework
December 1 to December 8Upgrade all the required libraries to their latest stable version, remove the unused ones for scholarship as well as iegreview
December 8 to December 20Work on integration of grantreview codebase with Wikimedia slimapp library
December 21 to Decmber 23Testing of all the work that has been done so far
December 24 to December 27For iegreview, design the UI for confirmation box, Add a confirmation box on removal of reviewers, Testing
December 28 to January 14Read and understand OAuth, Integration with OAuth for both the apps, Login using social media platform such as gmail, facebook or twitter, along with testing of this feature
January 15 to January 21Investigate a little about wiki communities, work on automatically updated list of wiki communities in Scholarship app
January 22 to January 28Integrate banana checker with scholarship app, find areas of improvement in scholarships, solve related issues/bugs
January 29 to February 4Work on form validation for both the apps, perform integration testing, report all the bugs encountered so far
February 5 to February 11Migrate scholarship app to diffusion
February 12 to February 22Group related database transactions so that changes are not partial
February 23 to March 5Bug fixes, Documentation, and Testing of all the work that has been done so far

For iegreview following are the deliverables -

  • Upgrade versions of slimapp and other libraries
  • Updated codebase to use wikimedia/slimapp library
  • Confirmation box on removal of reviewers
  • Integration with OAuth
  • Grouping related db transactions

For scholarships, I plan to deliver the following -

  • Migration to Differential
  • Integration with OAuth
  • Automatically updated list of wiki communities
  • Banana checker


  • I will use Phabricator for creation/managing of issues.
  • I will work on a separate branch of git and upload the code on Gerrit and Diffusion on a regular basis.
  • I will be online on IRC in my working hours (3 PM to 5 AM UTC +5:30). Apart from that, I can also be contacted through email.
  • Code review will be done as comments on Gerrit and Diffusion.
  • I also plan to publish a blog for weekly updates.

About Me

Tell us about a few:
I pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. I am familiar with Version Control System. I have worked with the following:

  • Languages - C++, PHP, and Javascript
  • Framework - Nodejs, Expressjs, Bootstrap
  • Databases - Mysql
  • Operating Systems - Linux and Windows

I read about Outreachy from an article on medium. I was glad to hear that there are people who care about the underrepresented in tech. I got so inspired by the post that I decided to take part in the programme.
As for time commitment, I can commit enough time for the project since I have winter vacations and also I will be taking half the number of credits a typical student takes in our college.
This project is important to me since it gives me a number of learning opportunities like working on a real-world application, hacking a huge code-base, collaborating in a team. Apart from that, I like the part that an organization as huge as Wikimedia cares about providing grants and scholarships to people who actually deserve it.

Past Experience

I have been a linux user for 3 years now. I have contributed to the webcompat repo of Mozilla to get familiar with VCS. Here are some of my pull requests -

In my second year of engineering, I interned with a company in which I learned basic web application development using PHP. I helped in developing an internal tool that helps in employee management. It included features like project assignment, leave approvals, important notices, employee performance etc.
In my third year, I interned with TCS. During this internship, me and my teammate developed a web application that helps users to get RSS feeds, display the feed in a user-friendly manner and share it on social media. The backend was built on Nodejs and Expressjs.
I was a part of Association of Computing Machinery Student Chapter in our college. I organized coding workshops people belonging to different age groups with the help of my society.
I am a code maintainer in AlgoDs repository.

Any Other Info

Add any other relevant information such as UI mockups, references to related projects, a link to your proof of concept code, etc