action=block / +nousertalk always set with no option to disable it
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Again, fairly new change, but everyone blocked through the api is currently blocked with +nousertalk enabled.

Check out [ this test block ip].

Blocked using 'action=block&user='

Cheers =)

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: major

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matthew.britton wrote:

A fix for this would be appreciated as soon as possible as it renders the blocking API unusable, since this option should almost always be disabled. (Why does something like this default to enabled anyway? Seems something is wrong at a lower level than the API.)

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mattj wrote:

Fixed in r41536

And the default is set the way it is because it's the default for the config variable, although this should also change it to use whatever the config variable is as the default (in most cases).

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