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Fix JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.hover() is deprecated in TwnMainPage
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ext.translate.mainpage.js?e59c2:123 JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.hover() is deprecated
migrateWarn	@	load.php?debug=true&…rsion=1e67f4k:10340
hover	@	load.php?debug=true&…rsion=1e67f4k:10767
setupProjectTiles	@	ext.translate.mainpage.js?e59c2:123
mightThrow	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3583
process	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3651
setTimeout (async)		
(anonymous)	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3689
fire	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3317
add	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3376
(anonymous)	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3709
jQuery.Deferred	@	load.php?debug=true&…rsion=1e67f4k:10866
then	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3694
jQuery.fn.ready	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3882
jQuery.fn.init	@	load.php?debug=true&…ersion=1e67f4k:3050
jQuery.fn.init	@	load.php?debug=true&…rsion=1e67f4k:10393
jQuery	@	load.php?debug=true&…&version=1e67f4k:98
(anonymous)	@	ext.translate.mainpage.js?e59c2:189
(anonymous)	@	ext.translate.mainpage.js?e59c2:191

Replace it with on( { mouseout: ..., mousein: ... } );

See for documentation how to replace it.
For anyone who plans to work on this, and are similar merged patches.

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Change 396025 had a related patch set uploaded (by Rafidaslam; owner: Rafid Aslam):
[mediawiki/extensions/TwnMainPage@master] ext.translate.mainpage.js: Use jquery.fn.on()

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I will work on this (claimed on Google Code-in)

Change 396025 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/TwnMainPage@master] ext.translate.mainpage.js: Use jquery.fn.on()