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Extension:Sudo cannot "return to your account" for a blocked account
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If you use Extension:Sudo to become a user who is blocked from the wiki, and $wgBlockDisablesLogin=true, then the link Return to your account does not work to end the sudo session. If you click this link, taking you to /w/index.php?title=Special:Sudo&mode=unsudo, you continue to see the "Permission Error" message, and you remain in sudo mode.

This is MediaWiki 1.28.0 and Sudo 0.4.0.

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Not sure if @DanielFriesen still maintains this codebase?

Not sure if @DanielFriesen still maintains this codebase?


as they made the last version bump.

It's a he. ;) This was a community driven effort to remove the i18n shim.

Perhaps also related to T143790.

I have updated the extension's page to make it obvious that the extension is currently not maintained.