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Unwriteable error when creating DR in Commons:Data
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When attempting to raise a Deletion Request on [[]], I have been getting the database locked error for about 30 minutes. Based on my other uploads in the same period, I can see that Commons did drop into read-only mode as part of replication, but I have made edits to Commons in that period. The issue may be with the Data space. Can anyone confirm if there is a deeper issue which is causing 'Commons:Data' to be unwriteable for an extended period? Or maybe the DR script cannot work on the Data space as it's JSON not wikitext; in which case there should be a better error trap or a work-around?

An error occurred while trying to do the requested action. To nominate this data for deletion, please edit the page to add the {{delete}} template and follow the instructions shown on it.
A detailed description of the error is shown below:
API request failed (json-error-syntax): Syntax error <i>at Thu, 12 Oct 2017 09:19:01 GMT</i> <u>served by mw1229</u>
The tag to be inserted into this page was {{delete|reason=Data media must be verifiably CC0. The data source for this map is under ODbL, see, which requires attribution and so is not reusable in a CC0 derived work.|subpage=Data:Copenhagen|year=2017|month=October|day=12}} 
Manually report the error here or click on Report automatically to send an automatic error-report.

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Fae created this task.Oct 12 2017, 9:27 AM
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Update: I may be quite wrong about readonly. Checking my upload logs, Wikimedia Commons has been reporting as read-only in response to attempted API uploads since 6:34 through to now (10:40) UK time.

Jeff_G added a subscriber: Jeff_G.Oct 12 2017, 9:51 AM

It appears at present that there is no way to add wikitext to that file that will cause it to be tagged for deletion, or as a copyvio, or anything really. We need at least one work-around.

Fae awarded a token.Oct 12 2017, 9:55 AM
Fae added a comment.Oct 12 2017, 10:55 AM

As Data_talk pages are ordinary pages, for the example case I have raised

It is worth noting that "insource:" searches do not appear to work on Data pages, so even searching out matching files with problem sources is another layer of complexity for managing mass deletions.

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I wonder if its related to deleting all the wikibase stuff in rc(?)

Bawolff edited projects, added Commons-Datasets; removed DBA.EditedOct 12 2017, 2:20 PM

Rv my tag change. Wrong bug.

@Fae This task is probably unrelated to the slave lag read only mode issue IMO. I filed a separate bug T178094 for that issue.